LPM SOLUTIONS provides an advanced solution for the protection of PCBA and Connectors.

The Seal & protection is possible due to specially designed polyamide materials ("TECHNOMELT" by Henkel) and dedicatedequipment that buildslow pressure with relativelylow temperature for the smooth injection process.

The temperatures and the pressure do NOT damage the PCBA nor any sensitive components attached to it. The Thermoplastic polyamide designed and made by Henkel-Germany. Once the process of injection was done, its a matter of seconds to minutes, the PCB is READY for use.

LPM SOLUTIONS LTD. will provide all the needed services for complete protection of the PCB:

  1. Evaluation of the PCB

  2.  Recommend the most suitable Technomelt material.

  3.  Design trial mold.

  4. Trial Run

  5. Design and fabricate amold for mass

  6. Mass production, QC, Packing and Delivery.

The Technomelt has many types; they will provide protection of 100% against Water, humidity proof, dust proof & Oil fumes proof as well as weather Proof. Some of Henkel's thermoplastic polyamide materials are Automotive certified and been used by leading automotive brands.