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מטוס צבאי


In harsh conditions of varying tip temperatures with subsea and marine pressures

- High speeds

- Impact

- Vibration

- Wireless transmissions

- Contact with challenging substances

- Dust and mud

LPM Solutions may be the right solution for you.

Low Pressure Molding (LPM) technology, the technology enables fast and efficient coating of electronic components by using special polyamides in combination with unique injection equipment and low-cost molds.

Since the material is injected at a lower pressure compared to conventional injection processes, and non-abrasive materials are used - there is no obstacle to wrapping the delicate components in a hard and protective shell.

דוגמה למוצר עבור תעשיית הבטחון

The melting temperature of TECHNOMELT is around 180 degrees Celsius so that the electronic circuit is not damaged by the heat.

Heat sensitive batteries have successfully undergone TECHNOMELT injection together with the LPM technology.

The masking capability indicated in the template allows manual masking on the motherboard.

The speed of production makes the assembly process fast, efficient and economical.

Henkel's variety of materials allows:

• Wireless transmissions

• Fast heat removal

• The integration of the HEATSINK for controlled removal of heat

• Integration of end components that are not required for a protective coating.

• Combination of cables with dedicated STRAIN RELIEF at the beginning of the cable when it is connected to the circuit

• Light weight

• With proper planning, the circuit can be protected with an extremely thin coating up to 1 mm according to its external outline, and alternatively, the circuit can be protected with a thickness so large as to create an external coating for the circuit.

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