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לוח אלקטרוני

The technology

Technomelt Low Pressure Molding (LPM) technology was invented about 30 years ago by the HENKEL company, the technology enables the rapid wrapping of delicate components by using special polyamides in combination with standard processing equipment and low-cost molds. Because the material is injected at lower pressure than conventional injection molding processes, and non-abrasive materials are used, the risk of damage to electronics during the encapsulation process is much lower. Once the injection process is done, it's a matter of seconds to minutes, the PCB is ready to use.

Technomelt has many advantages; Provides 100% protection against water, as well as resistance to a wide range of chemicals, extreme thermal cycling on top of high, low temperatures and vibrations. The internal electronics are fully protected from external elements, including water and dust penetration, and long-term UV exposure. Henkel's thermoplastic polyamide materials are approved for the automotive industry and used by leading automotive brands.

The sheath material provides exceptional electrical insulation, as well as resistance to a wide range of chemicals, extreme thermal cycling over high and low temperatures, and vibration. In addition to this, material enables the reception and transmission of various types of transmissions.


A repeatable solution

A semi-automated process-clean, controlled, repeatable and professional.

Economic solution

Highly efficient and reduces costs.

A green product and an environmentally friendly solution

Does not emit toxic gases during the process and does not pollute the air.

Sealing and protection solution

 Total sealing for PCBA and connectors - waterproof, moisture, UV resistant and  extreme outdoor weather conditions.

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