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A repeatable solution

A semi-automated process-clean, controlled, repeatable and professional.

Economic solution

Highly efficient and reduces costs.

A green product and an environmentally friendly solution

Does not emit toxic gases during the process and does not pollute the air.

Sealing and protection solution

 Total sealing for PCBA and connectors - waterproof, moisture, UV resistant and  extreme outdoor weather conditions.

LPM Solutions

 About the company

LPM SOLUTIONS specializes in sealing and protecting electronic modules using low-pressure injection technology.

The company has several years of experience and provides an advanced solution to protect PCBA and connectors.

Sealing and protection against phenomena such as moisture, dust, and vibrations are possible thanks to specially designed polyamide materials ("TECHNOMELT" by the Henkel company) and dedicated machines that produce low pressure at a relatively low temperature for the injection process.


We have an experienced team of engineers, technicians, production workers, managers and customer service personnel who together create control of the production chain.

דיסק און קי של חברת הנקל

Our Services

LPM SOLUTIONS Ltd. provides all the necessary services for full protection of the PCB:

Mass production, QC, packing and shipping

Prototype mold

Recommendation for the most suitable Technomelt material

Evaluation of the PCB and engineering examination of the customer's needs



Design and production of a mold for mass production


Trial run


Among our clients

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